Aquarium Maintenance Services

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Aquarium Maintenance

Like all aquarium maintenance companies, Blue Ridge Aquariums offers pay per visit aquarium maintenance. With this arrangement you pay a standard fee for labor per visit. On an as needed basis you pay for food, filter media, dechlorinator, livestock, etc.

Unlike most aquarium maintenance companies we also offer a full service aquarium maintenance option. This is designed to provide all routinely needed dry goods and maintenance wrapped up in one monthly fee. This doesn’t cover everything you will ever need, but it does cover all the routinely needed supplies and maintenance.

Aquarium Maintenance Cleaning Service CharlottesvilleOur full service aquarium maintenance includes:

  • Weekly Aquarium Maintenance
  • Substrate Vacuuming
  • Algae Scrubbing
  • Filter Media Cleaning/Replacement
  • Health Check for all Livestock
  • Water Testing
  • Equipment Check/Inspection
  • Installation of New Equipment
  • Livestock Delivery and Acclimation
  • Supplies Delivery
  • Keeping Food Stocked
  • Dechlorinator
  • Troubleshooting
  • Recommendations
  • Monthly Invoicing
  • New Heater(s) Every Year
  • Livestock Guarantee

Custom Sumps

For many if not most tanks, custom sumps can be the best filter. A well designed sump can make an invaluable difference in the long term success and ease of maintenance for an aquarium. Our designs are the best sumps available. Every detail is intentional and designed to make the sump work better, prevent problems, and make maintenance of the filtration and the tank as quick and simple as possible.
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Tank Drilling

Many times drilling a tank to create easy and reliable drains and returns is the best option for adding a sump. Our service allows you to benefit from our experience drilling tanks for years. Whether you need one hole or six, small or large, we can help.